Vapour Permeation / Pervaporation
Process optimization for new and existing plants

SMS adapts the process concept to the specific customer requirements and optimizes the plant design to provide efficient and reliable systems.

Process optimization by utilization of hybrid systems
With 60 years of experience in thermal separation technology we optimize the overall system design by providing hybrid systems, consisting of membranes combined with thermal separation equipment.

Process optimisation by integration
We integrate the membrane process stages into existing plants and optimize these integrated units under careful consideration of their energy consumption and performance. Often a capacity increase can also be achieved while using the existing equipment.

Aceotropic points are no problem
The physical principle for separation is different compared to thermal separation. Aceotropic points can easily be overcome with vapour permeation/pervaporation. The membranes open the door for more efficient processes.

De-bottle necking
Vapour permeation and pervaporation serve well for elimination of bottlenecks in thermal separation plants.

De-bottlenecking with Vapour Permeation & Pervaporation

SMS vapour permeation & pervaporation systems for product concentrations of up to 99,95 %