The membrane technology of SMS with vapour permeation and pervaporation proves its value particularly in the dehydration of ethanol and other alcohols as well as various solvents – beyond the azeotropic point.
Our membranes in ethanol dehydration service reduce high water contents to values under 0.1% in one single step. The relief of the respective distillation column and the effective heat recovery allow considerable energy savings. No chemicals or additional agents are required. The membranes have no moving parts and negligible maintenance costs. In summary: we reduce your production costs and provide high quality solvents.

Cost-effective with gentle product treatment and environmentally safe, that is our membrane technology.

Membranes are utilized for selective separation of molecules. Compared with other separation technologies they provide economic process solutions with low energy consumption and yields close to 100 %. The simple system designs with static operation offer additional benifits.

A comprehensive know-how is required to design a well-performing membrane system. The SMS expertise in systems engineering and construction well satisfies this requirement. Besides a proper membrane, a well-conditioned membrane feed is the key to success. For that purpose we select the best-suited membrane and provide a perfect combination of thermal separation technology and membrane separation.

Our systems are customized, proved to be reliable and have a long service life.

Buss-SMS-Canzler offers the following innovative membrane technologies:

Typical membrane applications

We select membranes with regards to:

  • feed compositions
  • selectivity
  • operating conditions
  • chemical resistance
  • life time
  • maintenance
  • costs





Vapour permeation system

Typical separation duty:
Removal of…
Applied technology
VP=Vapour permeation    
Water                 from hydrocarbonsHydrophilic    VP/PV
Methanol            from hydrocarbonsHydrophilic    VP/PV
Acetone             from hydrocarbonsHydrophilic    VP/PV
Hydrocarbons    from waterOrganophilic  VP/PV
Hydrocarbons    from gasesOrganophilic  VP/PV


AlcoholsEthanol, Bio/Fuel-Ethanol,
Raw alcohol, Isopropanol, Propanol, Butanol …
Aromatic hydrocarbonsBenzene, Toluene, Xylene…
KetenesMEK, Acetone, MIBK
Esters             Methyl acetate, Ethyl acetate, Butyl acetate
Halogenated hydrocarbonsMethylene chloride, Trichloroethylene,
Ethanol industryMol sieve regenerate, Fusel oil draw


Membrane test runs:
Our membranes are well proven for a wide variety of clean feed mixtures. New feed compounds can be investigated by means of membrane test runs.