Segmented Disc Dryer - ROVACTOR

Operating Principle

The Rovactor is an efficient processor to dry cakes, powder and pellets. The operation is continuous and/or batch-wise offering residence times ranging from a few minutes to several hours.
The Rovactor consists of a jacketed cylindrical or trough-shaped body and a hollow rotating shaft fitted with hollow discs. Heating or cooling is effected indirectly by means of steam or a transfer fluid via the segmented rotor and the body jacket. Product transport in the Rovactor is tailored to product-specific requirements by selecting the pitch of the rotor discs. The level of filling is adjusted by a weir at the product exit.
Our manufacturing program includes Rovactors up to 300 m² heat exchange surface and up to 35 m³ working volume.

Typical Application: 

Drying of Terephtalic Acid