Company Profile

We are number 1 in thin film evaporation technology and a global leader in drying and high viscosity technology. We develop and construct plants and equipment for such processes as the evaporation, drying and processing of highly viscous materials. Solutions that are exactly as you need them – exceptionally precise, efficient and, when necessary, highly innovative.

With our plants, systems and reconceptualised solutions we have been setting standards in thermal separation technology for many years – and are your specialist for outstanding processing of mixtures which are difficult to handle.

Over 200 highly qualified and experienced experts work at our main site in Butzbach and our branches in Düren and Pratteln (Switzerland) to apply the SMS vision of excellence across all the sides of our business in their work for and with our customers.

Mission and Strategy

SMS is dedicated to provide its customers with top class proprietary process equipment and comprehensive solutions to their processing requirements.

The key elements of the SMS strategy are:

  • Concentration on core competences with state-of-the-art engineering, fabrication and pilot plant facilities
  • Systematic optimization of sales and service network to meet customer requirements
  • Strong focus on product development
  • International co-operations

Company Structure

SMS is organized in five departments, namely, "Marketing & Sales", "Process Engineering & Plant Design", "Mechanical Engineering", "Production" and "Finance & Administration".

In order to meet our customers' specific and frequently very demanding technical requirements, extensive tests are essential. Therefore SMS operates a sophisticated testing and development facility with 20 different pilot units in Pratteln, Switzerland.

Manufacturing, mechanical engineering, procurement, stores and quality assurance as well as finance are all located in our Headquarters in Butzbach, Germany.
Depending on the product groups, both marketing and sales, as well as process engineering are situated in our main offices or in the branch offices in Düren and Pratteln (Switzerland).

Number of employees total: 216

Butzbach headquarters: 169

Pratteln branch office: 30

Düren branch office: 17

The average annual turnover of SMS from 2009 - 2014 has been approx. 40 Mio. EUR.